Who can cook like Mom?

This is the question that we kept asking ourselves on our hunt for authentic and delicious Taiwanese food around New York City.

The short answer was no one unless you happen to have her secret recipes. After years of searching, we finally concluded that the only solution was to make it ourselves.

We quickly realized though that this was no easy feat.  Before going out of town, Mimi used to stay up late washing, chopping, shredding, mixing, and wrapping dozens of fresh dumplings made with organic and local ingredients to make sure our Dad had something nutritious to feed us. When we left for college, she would come visit us with coolers of dumplings and jars of her secret sauce, enough to feed us and all our friends for weeks. The tradition continued when we moved into Manhattan as our refrigerators were always stockpiled with fresh dumplings,  each one individually hand-wrapped. It was Mimi's way of taking care of us even when she was not around. 

Now you can see why it wasn't so easy to find dumplings just the way Mom made.

We are thrilled that we can now invite you to gather around our kitchen table to enjoy the pleasures of a home-cooked meal, showing the rich culinary diversity of Taiwanese cuisine

                                                                                                  請慢用 (bon appetit),

                                                                                                   The Cheng Sisters



What we are about:

Sharing real, good food with real, good people

We use only the best quality produce we can find with a focus on sustainability. We only cook what we would eat ourselves and feed our own families!

Realizing each day is a gift

We should treat it as such by taking care of our neighbors and environment. We lead by example and always strive to establish a significant, positive presence in the community. All of our food waste is composted.

Taking the time to stop and to savor the small moments, which all really add up to the bigger picture anyway

We’re creating and cooking something worth slowing down for.

Thanks for letting us share this with you

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